Examples from the maritime industry

476540_Superyacht.jpgMore than just seaworthy: those two glide across the oceans at more than 25 knots are accustomed to comfort and luxury. Super yachts don't just offer impressive lengths – they also benefit from the most modern technology. Nießing's special silencers top off the comfort of travelling on a super yacht.

HochseeyachtThe precise tuning between drive unit and silencer creates the prerequisite for maximum noise suppression with flexible driving performance. Individual space conditions in the hull require individual designs of the silencer system.
Individual silencer geometries are available for every requirement.


Full steam ahead! 

Nießing's silencers create minimal counter-pressure.





From left to right: Nießing silencer for engines with 250 kW, 5 MW and 25 MW drive power (sequential picture galleries)