Examples of paint shops:

Vorschaubild-Lackierstraßen-BWMExhaust air system in a new BMW Group paint shop, Munich

Design: In 2001, the BMW Group, Munich built a new paint shop within the framework of the so-called Construction Stage 3. For the exhaust air systems, all nine chimneys have been equipped with the panel absorber as completely metallic silencers, thus negating the detrimental effect of paint particles.

Unit: Radial vents



Design: The Damiler AG in Düsseldorf paints around 750 Sprinters every day. The exhaust air system used to have conventional splitter silencers, which blocked a large portion of the exhaust cross section. This involved a loss of pressure, which led to high energy consumption. Additionally, the traditional systems required a regular cleaning. Despite this regular cleaning, the performance of the silencer deteriorated.

By installing streamlined panel resonators, the pressure loss was significantly reduced and the noise reduction improved for the long term. The energy saving from two systems came to 610,000€ per annum (as of 2010).

Since then, as well as a variety of smaller systems, three of the largest exhaust air towers in the Düsseldorf factory have been equipped with modern Nießing silencers.