What reaches your ears

With the increase of the statutory soundproofing requirements the requirements for noise emissions of steel chimneys are also rising. Operators of power generation stations are faced with the task of keeping to specified environmental conditions (sound pressure level). Nießing regards the exhaust gas installation – from the exhaust of the energy generator (boiler, engine, etc.) right to the mouth of the chimney itself – as one complex unit.


To reduce noise levels, sound insulation measures are implemented, mainly in the exhaust system. In order to eliminate the problematic low frequency components as well as to meet the medium and high frequency requirements, a combination of different silencers is often required.


Nießing has silencers in its portfolio that both effectively attenuate over the relevant frequency range and take up very little space due to their optimised construction volume. Low-frequency noise can be damped with little pressure loss, as the silencers work without installations. Individual silencer geometries are available for every requirement. The acoustic acceptance measurement of the Nießing silencers is carried out on our own test bench.