Steel chimneys for gas engine power plant


Stahlschornsteine für Gasmotorenkraftwerk 1The transport and erection of two massive steel stacks for a gas engine power plant was successfully completed. After three days of transport, the two 36.0 m long and approx. 48 ton colossi arrived safely at the construction site in February 2021.

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Inventive and patent



Thanks to the traditionally highly developed inventive talent of the engineers and technicians at Nießing, we benefit from two patents granted. A further one is also about to be granted.
Patents in exhaust technology enable us to use the technological advantages of our application products. Simple and at the same time trend-setting innovations lead to space and cost savings and process optimisation.
Customers in both the maritime sector and in power plant applications have been using these advantages for many years. In order to continue to inspire customers with patentable, technological features, Nießing is increasingly focusing on young and technically qualified talents.