Only a question of good routing:
Nießing exhaust gas / exhaust air installations

As well as steel chimneys, complete exhaust gas installations are also one of the company's specialities – from planning right through to installation.


Turnkey - and ready to go:

All components right from the actual source of energy itself, be it boiler, motor, etc., belong to the material scope of a turnkey installation. They include pipework, compensators, shut-off valves and silencers (also the innovative silencer systems developed in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute).
Even steel constructions – from the smallest mounting to delicate latticework constructions and large pipework bridges – are fabricated by Niessing in the widest variety of materials.
To exhaust gas ducting there also belong ventilators with the right type of control technology – a further component of the Niessing turnkey installation.
In particular when equipping engine test-benches, Niessing can fall back on many years experience and corresponding know-how.


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