Towers might be eyecatchers

Exhaust air flues or ventilation towers are as a rule single-walled chimneys used for introducing fresh air or for exhausting air. The pipe carrying the medium is at the same time a load-bearing column.
Most exhaust air installations are required to fit in harmoniously with the architectonic appearance.
Nießing constructs ventilation towers with convincing aesthetics and architectonic effects – and even as works of art. Engineering in a functional and at the same time optically-pleasing guise.


What types are there? These are the favourite materials:

Steel pipes, primed or galvanised inside and out which are then coated outside with a top surface of individual RAL colour.
Steel pipes which instead of the outer coating have a cladding, e.g. of stainless steel.
Stainless steel pipes with sandblasted, ground or highly-polished surface.


Access to the chimney can be from the side or from beneath using the Nießing patent fixing base.


The shape of the mouth will depend on the requirements for the individual installation or it will be in accordance with architectonic and design considerations. Lamellar head designs, segmented curves or deflector hoods are all possibilities.


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