What comes to your ears

With the increase of the statutory soundproofing requirements the requirements for noise emissions of steal chimneys are also rising. Operators of power generation stations are faced with the task of keeping to specified environmental conditions (sound pressure level). On this question, Nießing regards the exhaust gas installation – from the exhaust from the energy generator (boiler. motor, etc.) right to the mouth of the chimney itself as one complex unit. 


Apart from conventional soundproofing for exhaust gas and exhaust air systems, Nießing carries patented silencers based on the ALFA principle (Alternative fibre-free absorber) in the range. These also cover pressure-loss-free, low-frequency silencer systems which were developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, Stuttgart. Resonance silencers with high damping and high durability as so-called angular stack silencers in the chimney offer a suitable solution. Just as with cleanable pipe silencers, pressure losses are either non-existent or virtually negligible.