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News_Key_VisualWe invite you to join our latest projects in plant construction as well as our internal news. At regular intervals we offer you interesting insights in our work.

Steel chimneys for gas engine power plant


Stahlschornsteine für Gasmotorenkraftwerk 1The transport and erection of two massive steel stacks for a gas engine power plant was successfully completed. After three days of transport, the two 36.0 m long and approx. 48 ton colossi arrived safely at the construction site in February 2021.

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Inventive and patent



Thanks to the traditionally highly developed inventive talent of the engineers and technicians at Nießing, we benefit from two patents granted. A further one is also about to be granted.
Patents in exhaust technology enable us to use the technological advantages of our application products. Simple and at the same time trend-setting innovations lead to space and cost savings and process optimisation.
Customers in both the maritime sector and in power plant applications have been using these advantages for many years. In order to continue to inspire customers with patentable, technological features, Nießing is increasingly focusing on young and technically qualified talents.

Construction of a steel chimney system



Installation of a steel chimney system from Nießing with integrated silencers. By installing the silencers, the neighbourhood in Kevelaer remains undisturbed and benefits from the generated energy. Several biogas engines are in operation here, producing electricity and heat.

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Large-scale project in Nürnberg


MAN_1MAN Truck & Bus in Nürnberg is now benefiting from 8 chimney systems from premium manufacturer Nießing. A total of 37 test rigs conduct the exhaust gases - naturally with reduced emissions - into the multi-draught chimney systems.

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Exhaust air cooling and sound insulation at Mohn Media


Mohn_2Mohn Media in Gütersloh has now been working with a Nießing steel chimney system since September last year. In addition to the chimney with internal silencer, the contract included a corresponding exhaust gas output with thermal insulation.

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Nine chimneys for the university hospital


UK Aachen_1Nießing supplied a total of nine chimney systems for the new energy centre at the University Hospital Aachen. The complete exhaust gas lines from the power generator to the chimney feed were also part of the assignment.

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Silenced chimney for new wool mill


Rockwool_1The company ROCKWOOL is building a new wool mill in Neuburg an der Donau. Nießing was commissioned with the construction of the largest chimney of this new plant. The 75 m high chimney with a diameter of 3.6 m conducts almost 500.000 m³ of exhaust air per hour into the open air. The chimney contains a special silencer which is designed as a plate absorber.

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Vertically transported and mounted


Rhein-Main-Referenz2Even for Nießing, transporting a 30 m steel chimney vertically in sections is not part of the daily routine. We recently succeeded in this feat at an energy supplier in the Rhine-Main area.


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