Exhaust air cooling and sound insulation at Mohn Media




Mohn Media in Gütersloh has now been working with a Nießing steel chimney system since September last year. In addition to the chimney with internal silencer, the contract included a corresponding exhaust gas output with thermal insulation.


The steel chimney with a height of 28 m and a diameter of 1,420 mm is equipped with a high-temperature resistant exhaust silencer, which prevents noise pollution for employees and residents even with the exhaust air of up to 450° in the production halls of the drying plant. The installed stainless steel exhaust pipe with a nominal width of 800 mm also ensures with its high-quality mat insulation that only a minimum of radiant heat is emitted to the adjacent workplaces.


A comparable plant was built as early as 2016 and is still operating successfully today. Mohn Media was able to benefit from this experience and expertise, as it took only three months from conception to installation by Nießing employees using a 300-tonne truck-mounted crane.