Examples of engine test benches

Motorenpruefstaende_Renault_innen.jpgExhaust system for Renault in Cleon, France

Design: Renault in France DRAINS the exhaust fumes from 29 different engine test benches via a central exhaust fume system. The necessary suction pressure on the exhaust connections of the engine under test is created by two external radial blowers. The noise emissions on the discharge side of the engine are dampened by broad-spectrum cavity resonators. The noise emissions on the discharge side of the radial vents are reduced to permissible levels by panel resonators that are integrated in the steel chimney.

Unit: engines under test/radial vents


ZF KressbronnZF, Standort Kressbronn

Design: The ZF Friedrichshafen AG planned to renovate the Kressbronn factory's exhaust gas chimney and line for the engine test benches. The main task was to channel the exhaust fumes from ten test benches via two collector stacks, each with three gas tube bundles. The special feature of the system is the broad-spectrum construction of the exhaust gas silencer, which can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C.

Medium: Exhaust fumes from diesel and petrol engines (operating temperatures up to 600°C).