Examples from mineral wool fibre production

Industrial silencers for mineral wool fiber production


The OWA company, Amorbach, has had two plants with panel absorbers working parallel to each other since 1996. The silencers in these systems are subject to extreme levels of contamination.

It has been shown through regular noise level testing that the silencers are completely operational, even after many years. The user is very pleased with this result, especially as the exhaust silencer causes minimal loss of pressure and therefore greatly reduces the operating costs in contrast to traditional systems.

The system has proven itself so well, that in the meantime, ten further plants have been equipped with the new silencer technology.

Unit: various industrial process fans.



Design: In order to address the heavy burden of some media, Rockwool has used multiple silencers as panel absorbers. Despite contamination, the silencer is still in fully working condition.

Unit: various radial vents